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Alaskan Trip 2012

Day 8-July 7

We are staying with Mike and Bernie who we met in Arizona.  They have a nice place on the Chena River.  Our trailer is parked next to the river.  Today they had a big BBQ with over 80 friends.  It was a nice day and Mike cooked Pork, Chicken, Hamburger, and Hot Dogs on his custom BBQ that has parts from the Oil Pipeline.  The BBQ was built for cooking dinners for workers on the pipeline. The design originally had a counterbalance on the lid made it swing open very quickly so they decided to get rid of it.  Mike was able to get it and then he redesigned the lid to open and close with a motor.


Mike working at the BBQ                                                                 Our hosts Bernie and Mike

This sternwheeler goes past where we are twice a day at leastJ

Day 9 -July 8

This morning we went to the Pump House restaurant on the Chena river.  We were able to go by boat to the restaurant by boat.  The Pump House was used originally to pump water up into the hills for gold mining.  We had their buffet brunch.  In the afternoon we visited the Fairbanks Ice Museum.  The Ice Museum had some ice carvings and showed a movie about the World Ice Art Champion held in Fairbanks each winter.  Next we visited the Pioneer Park with quite a few old cabins that house tourist trap stores.  On the grounds was a Air transportation museum which was pretty interesting. 


Mike and Bernie's place taken from the river bank..                           Here we are at the Pump House bar.


Bear carving from ice                                                                       Plane outside museum

Day 10 - July

Today we went for a ride on the Riverboat Discovery which is paddlewheel ship.  We saw an airplane takeoff from the water and stopped at a dog sled camp.  Additionally they had a native village set-up which we went into.  It was interesting and relaxing time for 3 hours.  After lunch we went to the University of Alaska North Museum which was quite interesting.


Plane taking off from Chena River                                                      River wheel for catching salmon (They should be in the river soon)


Drying salmon                                                                                   Caribou with the rack covered in velvet

Jim and Junnie from Georgia that we met along the Alcan Highway

July 10

We took the train to Denali National Park. Saw some a couple moose on the way. We took an ATV ride which included dinner. Steve drove out and Nancy drove back.


ATVing in the mud                                                                           Load into the ATV

July 11

Took a bus tour 66 miles into the park. First animals were a grizzly with babies and two caribou not far away.  We saw a magpie. We saw the state bird Willow Ptarmigan.  We saw another grizzly at a distance and then again close-up on the return. Sitting on a ledge was a Gryn Falcon.  We saw a few golden eagles. About noon we saw the best view of Mt. McKinley. Additionally we saw some Dall sheep. Very good day with fairly clear skies. In the evening we went to an entertaining dinner show.


Grizzly Bear                                                                                    Mount McKinley

July 12

Slept in today and had a late breakfast.  Took the train down to Fairbanks.  Saw a moose with two calves on the trip and a few beaver lodges.

July 13

We took a ride to Chena Hot Springs and Ice Museum. On the rode both going and coming we spotted moose. Two bulls and four cows, of which only one had a calf in site.


Bull Moose                                                                                        Cow Moose

Sitting at the Ice Bar


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