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Travel for 2009 previous log is at Travel 2009  and to review last years trip got to Travel 2008

Arizona 2010

            We started our trip the last week of January.  The weather down was great this year.  We got a lovely look at Mt. Shasta as we traveled down I-5 this year.  It certainly is beautiful!   


            This year we traveled via the route thru Palm Springs.  We spent 3 days in the area.  We went to the street fair, went into the city of Palm Springs, and took a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park.  In the park we took a short hike.


The park provides a variety of scenery.  As we were driving thru a campsite we saw a coyote prowling the area.  As we continued our drive through the park we noticed a few rock climbers.  We drove to a viewpoint that looked down on the Palm Springs area.  We could see a hint of the Salton Sea, but there was a fair amount of haze to get a good view of the city of Palm Springs.  The haze was the result of pollution coming from the Los Angeles area.     



On February 1st we arrived at Sundance RV Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona.  We have been participating in many of the activities of the park.  It is a fun park with many friendly people. We have taken a jeep ride outside of Florence, Arizona.  We saw an abandoned mined named Ajax mine.




At the end of our jeep ride though the desert we exited through Box Canyon.


We have participated in couple and line dance classes.  Steve is enjoying learning how to fly his remote control airplane.    


Nancy has gone out with the ladies and played 9 holes of golf.

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