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Alaskan Trip 2012

July 28 Start of week 5

We arrived in Hyder Alaska.  The town has no paved roads although they are working on paving 5 miles.  There are 70 residents and there is no cell phone service.  They do have pay phones in the town.  We thought today was the 29th and so we went out dinner to celebrate our anniversary. After dinner we went to observe bears feeding on salmon.  During the drive here we saw 2 black bears.  At the bear viewing area we saw 2 grizzly's.   There were 2 adult Bald Eagles and 5 juveniles. The eagles were eating salmon that the bears had quit eating.


Bear looking for a salmon                                                                     Bear taking his salmon to the woods to eat

July 29 Our 40th Anniversary

We awoke early to go look at the bears again.  It started to rain so we decided to head down the road.  In the evening we had tube steaks.

Our campground in Hyder was nothing special.

July 30th

We stopped for the night with just 6 hours to go to get home.

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