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Alaskan Trip 2012

July 21 Start of week 4

Woke up to rain.  First day in Alaska with real rain and not just a light shower. Went to dinner with Mike and Jan. Mike and Jan have a pair of dogs.  They currently only show Kenai. 


Mike with Crystal                                                                             Kenai

Moose in Mike and Jan's neighborhood

July 22

Rain woke us up last night.  Left trailer by 5:30 in the morning and had a limit of 6 Sockeye by 7:30.  They just up the limit from 3 to 6 and finally there are catchable numbers in the river.


Six Sockeye or Reds, as the Alaskan call them                                  Alaskan's call them Reds because of the meat.

July 23

Another day of fishing.  Packaged 50 pounds of frozen fish and sent it via FEDEX to Brent.  We had Reindeer Sausage for lunch.  We had Jim and Junnie to our place for a salmon dinner.



Nice size Sockeye                                                                                Another great day fishing

July 24

We left Soldotna and headed towards home.  We drove to Anchorage and then headed to Glennallen for the night.


Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet                                                             Matanuska Glacier

July 25

Traveled from Glennallen to Haines Junction.  This is the worst section of the Alcan highway.  It is always is bad from Tok to Haines Junction.  We saw a male and female moose.  Also, saw a pair of swans. Our camp site was at Haines Junction.  Our neighbor Cousin Eddy dumped his grey water on the ground as we were setting up.


Small flags along the road to warn you about rough road                    Mosquito's are bigger than normal

July 26

Traveled from Haines Junction to Watson Lake.  Roads were a lot better.  The truck and trailer needed washing and thanks to mother nature we had a very hard thunder storm with lots of rain.  Vehicles now look cleaner.  We posted out sign board at Watson Lake. Now they have over 73,000.  When we arrived it was 80 degrees outside and humid.  We went to the Northern light show tonight.  It was interesting but we had a hard time staying awake. We saw three bears along the road today.


Catholic Church built in 1954 with  a Quonset hut                              Our sign

Our sign post is behind the building near a bench

July 27th

We drove from Watson lake to Iskut.  Only about 200 miles of rough roads.  We saw 2 adult bears and one cub.  We saw a deer near Jade City.  We stayed at Mountain Shadow RV park. 


Jade City where there is a huge mining operation for jade.                  Cutting jade.



Mother bear with cub following                                                           Kluachon Lake with mountains in background


Steve fly fishing                                                                                              Steve with a nice little trout

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